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From domestic to commercial, rural to industrial, we offer insurance solutions for all clients.

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We offer the following to all clients:

Professional Advice

Our overall experience gives us key insight into the manner in which the insurance industry operates and allows us to advise our clients regarding their insurance needs and to obtain the best possible covers available at affordable premiums.

Claims Management

Should a claim arise, we will lodge the claim on behalf of our client as well as arrange for all required documentation to be completed and any follow up that may be needed to arrive at a prompt finalisation; all at no extra cost to our client.

Market Research

Each year insurance premiums can increase and decrease depending on multiple factors, therefore we research the market on your behalf at the time of your annual renewal to ensure that you are always receiving the best possible available cover and premiums.

Policy Comparisons

We understand that some policies may seem identical to our clients but there may be major differences in the policy wordings, which can lead to the difference between a claim being paid or declined. Let MIH compare your policies with ours to show you exactly what your policy covers.

Hear from our satisfied customers…

“We have been a client of MIH for 6 years over 2 businesses and multiple vehicles. I cannot fault their service and expertise. They are always available when an issue arises and deal with it promptly and professionally. I would recommend MIH to any business owner.”
Steve Bicket

Manager, Pizza Capers Dubbo

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions, we have the answers. Look through our most commonly asked questions below or contact us directly if you can’t find an answer.
Why should I use a broker instead of going direct?

As brokers, we will assist you in placing cover on the right policies, renewing those policies, managing your claims, market research and policy comparisons, whereas going to a direct insurer means that you will be responsible for all of the above without the assistance of an experienced broker.

Can I pay my policies monthly?

Yes. Most major insurers offer monthly instalments interest-free, otherwise, we can fund yearly policies to allow for monthly instalments with a small interest component.

What makes MIH different from other brokers?

We pride ourselves on servicing our clients above all else. If it’s within our authority to complete a task on your behalf then we can guarantee it will be handled within our office. We also pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the different policies offered by various insurers and agencies and our experience in these areas affords us key insights into which underwriters will be of most benefit to you in both cover and premium.

What broker fees do you charge?

On 90% of our policies we will charge a broker fee between $11.00 and $33.00 (incl. GST). There are some policies that may attract higher fees if there is more involved in the quoting and processing stages. We will advise you in writing of our broker fee when providing the quotation.

I had a bad claim experience with my current insurer; how do you handle claims?
MIH Insurance Brokers provide a comprehensive claims management service, and from the moment an incident occurs to the time it is finalised we are there to assist at every stage. We can advise you of the claims process upon request and also provide regular updates for the more involved and ongoing claims.
Can I get a refund for insurance I don't claim on?

Unfortunately, insurance policies do not work this way. Insurance covers are purchased for the protection against possible and unforeseen incidents that cause loss or damage, and if you don’t experience an incident, then you have at least paid for piece of mind that your possessions or liabilities were covered throughout the policy period. In saying that, there are some policies that allow special discounts or return of premiums due to having no claims within the policy period, usually a discount or return of 5-15% of the total base premium.

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